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Specialty Airport Paving Solutions

Proudly serving Greenville, Spartanburg, SC and the rest of the southeastern U.S.

Not just any contractor can install an airport runway. When dealing with high-speed aircrafts, you need a professional who can complete the job correctly.

Wilco Construction LLC in Greenville, Spartanburg, SC provides professional airport runway construction services for both regional and international airports. Whether it is a runway used for landing and taking off or a taxiway that planes use to travel on the ground, our experts can build reliable, large-scale paving projects.

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Why hire a trained contractor for your paving project?

Airport paving is unlike other paving jobs. There are many standards and regulations associated with installing airport runways. It isn't easy to find a contractor with airport runway experience. Wilco Construction has worked in airport runway construction for years and can get the job done right.

Our professionals will handle every part of your paving project, including...

  • Choosing the best materials for your location and aircrafts.
  • Ensuring proper runway length and thickness.
  • Mending cracks that can affect takeoffs and landings.

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