excavation contractors spartanburg sc

Are You Planning a New Home Build?

Hire a local excavation contractor in Greenville or Spartanburg, SC

Building a new home or business often requires digging up landscapes and removing the soil to lay pipes, cables and foundations. This is where Wilco Construction LLC comes in. Our dedicated excavation company serves Greenville, Spartanburg, SC and all surrounding areas. We'll take care of digging out basements and creating trenches for your septic tank and power lines.

You want to start your build on the right foot. Call our excavation contractor now to talk about your upcoming project.

excavation contractors spartanburg sc

A professional approach to aide preparation

When you're planning a new home or business build in Greenville or Spartanburg, SC, Wilco Construction can make sure your land is ready for construction. Our full-service excavation company can...

  • Dig up utility trenches, basements and foundations.
  • Safely maneuver around existing structures.
  • Level and grade your land for proper lawn drainage.
  • Remove or bring in extra rocks and topsoil.

Reach out to us today schedule an appointment with our professional excavation contractor.